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Like No Place on Earth

There are really only two cities in the United States that, just upon hearing the mere mention of their names, bring to mind world-renowned landmarks, spectacular panoramas, and echoes of a previous place and time. And one of those cities is San Francisco. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the painted ladies of the Haight, San Francisco is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. What most tourists don't realize though, is that San Francisco is one of the best places to ride a bike.

While there are a host of ways to tour San Francisco and its surrounds, the only true way to fully appreciate what the area has to offer is to tour by bike. San Francisco is one of the most cyclist friendly cities in the USA, with 63 miles of bike lanes and paths. And there is no better company that offers such refreshingly unique bike tours than Undiscovered Country and its premier California bike tours. Our penchant for taking “the road less travelled” is nothing short of legendary. We’ve uncovered those “undiscovered” routes designed to appeal to the most ardent cyclists. And along the way, stops of outstanding beauty, extreme interest, and luxurious comfort await your arrival as well as breaks to satiate the most robust appetite.

Undiscovered Country’s 3-day weekend tour begins and ends in The City by the Bay. Our tour takes us over and underneath the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, along magnificent Ridgecrest Road in Marin County, to the top of Mount Tamalpais, and through 11 miles of the historic, breathtaking Marin Headlands. This exciting, dynamic tour includes a 2-night stay at the supremely magnificent Cavallo Point Lodge, a top-rated, elegant resort situated in one of the country’s most popular locations — Golden Gate National Park.


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Sonoma Valley Tour - Awesome

The tour took us on quiet roads, through great wineries and had us put up at a pleasant hotel/inn. The rides were great! We were able to self divide into a faster group and a more leisure group. UDC supported both groups with a guide and the support van. Loved it! The organizers take the time to ensure quality food, lodging and riding happen...they accomplished all of the above. Sign up and expect everything you hope it to be.

TripAdvisor July 2012



Days 3
Nights 2
San Francisco
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