What's Included with Every Tour


We stay every night in hotels, inns or lodges—with a preference for intimate, historic inns. Almost all of the rooms are double occupancy and have private baths. Accommodations are picked for their comfort, quiet, uniqueness, and setting. Ratings range from 4-diamond to “the only lodging in town”.


All breakfasts are included. These are either continental style, or sit-down order-off-the menu full breakfasts. We sometimes supplement continental breakfasts with fresh makings of our own.

Rather than providing lunch at a designated place and time, we encourage riders to stop at recommended spots along the daily route. This allows all guests to travel at their own pace, stopping whenever they wish, and eating whatever the wish. If there are no good options to stop for lunch on a route, we will provide a lunch stop along the route.

Dinners on most nights are included. We prefer restaurants with healthy meal options, a light and fresh style of dining that's often called "California cuisine". All dinners are a la carte—no limited menus. We often dine at some of the highest rated restaurants in an area.


We will provide a premium, full carbon road bike for you at no additional cost. Our bikes are very high-quality models made by Scott and Felt, with carbon frames and Ultegra components. Each bike comes equipped with a trip computer, two water bottles, saddle bag with spare tube, tire levers, and CO2 tire inflator. We will fit your bike with the pedal style of your choice.

Ride Support

We provide daily route sheets and maps, with options for shorter or longer distances marked. There is van support on each day. The van carries water, snacks, and spare bike parts. If you and your bike want a lift, the host in the van will happily pick up you and your bike. There is at least one host on a bicycle, riding the same route. The host on bicycle is in radio and cell phone contact with the support van, and can call for van support.

Luggage Transfer

On days where we change nightly accommodations, we shuttle all luggage to the next inn.


We provide all ground transportation during the trip. This includes traveling in charter shuttles and ferries, if any.

What's Not Included

Accommodations Before and After

If you arrive before the start of the trip, you will need to purchase your own accommodations. We are happy to help you find a comfortable and convenient place to stay, and often we can get you a lodging discount. The same goes for accommodations after the end of the trip.

Transportation Before and After

We can help you find transportation to the start point, if you wish. Also, we can help you arrange transportation after the end of the trip. You are responsible for paying for this transportation.


We pay gratuities at all the hotels and restaurants we visit during the tour. Tipping your hosts is never expected, but if you wish to reward someone who has helped make your vacation particularly enjoyable, please feel free to do so.

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