Undiscovered Country —
The Leading Bike Tour Company in California

Undiscovered Country was founded with a radical notion that bike tours should emphasize great bicycling before everything else. Apparently, other cyclists agreed, as our dedication to great cycling has made us the leading road bike tour company in California. Our tours are unlike any other, however, here are the main things that set our tours apart:

Cycling Comes First

Our first priority is always producing the best imaginable bicycle vacation for those who love road cycling. Anything that makes cycling more enjoyable, we do it. For example, a great cycling experience starts with a great bike. That's why our race-ready, feather-light Scott carbon road bikes are the highest performance bicycles offered by any tour company.

Dedicated to California

We operate our tours only in California, focusing on finding the absolute best this state has to offer the cyclist. Tour companies that operate worldwide can't match our depth of California knowledge.

Revealing Undiscovered California

We prefer the backroads to the main highway, the quaint village to the busy tourist town, the small historic inn to the world famous resort. We don't see many other tour companies on our travels, and we like it that way.

Smaller is Better

Crowds are not our style, so we limit our group sizes to no more than 14 people. This lets us fit comfortably in the smaller inns, lodges, and restaurants off the beaten path.

Bike More – Drive Less

We believe bike tours should be about traveling by bicycle, not shuttling in a van, so we design all of our tour routes to maximize bicycle travel and minimize vehicle transfers. With very few exceptions, our tours may be traveled from start to finish by bicycle only (of course, a support vehicle is on the route should you need it).